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Washington State Tea Party
Nevada Clean Up the Vote
Election Integrity Project
Verify the Vote
Deer Valley Tea Party Patriots
Big Sky Tea Party
Albuquerque Tea Party
Honest Elections Illinois
Ohio Voter Integrity Project
Hosted Ohio State True the Vote Summit (August 25, 2012) featuring Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton who says Obama wants to steal election with a "food stamp army."
East Bay Patriots
After Marina Peterson was kicked out of the Rhode Island Tea Party she formed this group, which was later adopted by True the Vote. Listen to podcast featuring Peterson and TTV founder Catherine Engelbrecht.
Election Integrity Maryland
President Cathy Kelleher told media, 'We have evidence of voters voting long after their deaths." Maryland state board of elections director of voter registration says "In the 11-plus years I've been here, I've not witnessed voter fraud.
Voter Integrity Project
In July, sent list of 550 names to Wake County of supposed non-citizens to purge. County board found only 18 worth investigating.
Spartanburg Tea Party
The True the Vote representative here is Cibby Krell, a neo-Confederate "Fighting Father". Listen to his Confederate love.
Liberty Tea Party Patriots
Common Sense Campaign
Grassroots America We the People
Clear Lake Tea Party
Kingwood Tea Party
Texas Constituency Party
Alvin Tea Party Patriots
Wetumpka Tea Party
Working with True the Vote to import Alabama poll watchers to Florida elections.
North Lake County Tea Party
St. Augustine Tea Patriots
Hosting get-out-the-vote training with True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht in September.
Judicial Watch, based in D.C. this rabid anti-immigrant organization is one third of the “Election Integrity 2012” coalition with True the Vote and the Election Law Center blog. Together they harass states and counties with lawsuit threats to pressure them into aggressive purging processes.
Virginia Voters Alliance
Heritage Foundation, based in D.C. Hosted forum “Ensuring Election Integrity: The Need for Election Reform” featuring True the Vote, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Former congressman Artur Davis and South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson. Also home of anti-voting rights blogger Hans von Spakovsky.
Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity/Citizen Watchdog, Alexandria, VA. Co-hosted training in Florida with True the Vote and Americans for Prosperity.
Secretary of State Scott Gessler runs controversial purge program similar to those in Kansas and Florida; makes voter fraud claims at Heritage Foundation/True the Vote event though less than 20 cases there since 2000. Featured at True the Vote Colorado State Summit.
Attorney General Alan Wilson
Sent letter pledging support for True the Vote to their national summit; also, shared Heritage Foundation panel with True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht, where he claimed DOJ fudged figures to block their voter ID law, a law he says his black friends support.
Liberty Institute: based in Plano. Far right Christian evangelical lawyer group that has defended True the Vote on numerous lawsuits.
Gov. Rick Scott
Defended by True the Vote and Judicial Watch for his controversial purge program. Gov. Scott thanks True the Vote in video interview for their help.
Secretary of State Ken Detzner
Defended by True the Vote and Judicial Watch for his controversial purge program.
Gov. Scott Walker benefited from help of thousands of True the Vote volunteers who inaccurately audit the petition to recall his election, and whose recall election day poll observing led to intimidation complaints from college students.
Secretary of State Kris Kobach, architect of Arizona and Alabama anti-immigrant laws, creates 15-state 'Interstate Cross Check Project,' a purge program with no transparency. Kobach also shared stage with True the Vote at voting panel hosted by Heritage Foundation alleging that ACORN, which no long exists, is why voter ID is needed.
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz is a Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity favorite who was hosted by True the Vote for a debate against his then opponent David Dewhurst.
Gov. Rick Perry spoke at 2010 opening of True the Vote's headquarters and sent letter pledging support to them at their July 2012 national summit.
Harris County Clerk Stan Stewart is in charge of elections in Harris County, the third largest voting population in country. He's been a faithful True the Vote national summit participant since it began, and was applauded for this at True the Vote's last summit.
Harris County Voter Registrar Leo Vasquez was sued by Democratic Party for granting True The Vote access to voter registration files they say they were denied. Vasquez also used unverified True the Vote report with unsubstantiated fraud complaints to say county voter rolls were "under an organized and systemic attack".
True the Vote is most threatening when they are helped along by right wing organizations that assist them in suing states and counties that don't follow their demand, and provide media and studies to carry their propaganda.
True the Vote is most dangerous when they form relationships with government election administrators and have them carry their agenda.
True the Vote is most influential through its coalition of Tea Party groups across the nation, many of them doubling as "election integrity" groups that have been trained by True the Vote to be menacing presence at polls.
U.S. Rep. Ted Poe represents part of Harris County and is a regular guest or speaker at True the Vote events. In 2007 House floor speech quoted KKK Grand Wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest about how to deal with Iraq.
Florida chapter of Americans for Prosperity co-hosted True the Vote recruitment and training in Boca Raton. The national AFP is a Koch Bros. funded group that has teamed with Tea Party and True the Vote chapters in Florida, Texas and Wisconsin.
Colorado Voter Protection. One of newest members of True the Vote network and co-host of True the Vote Colorado State Summit, (August 18, 2012).